Volunteering Opportunities

Your local mutual aid group is the first place to look for opportunities to directly help your neighbours. Check the list of groups within Cardiff to contact and join the one in your area.

Cardiff Council

Volunteer Cardiff

This site is run by Cardiff Council to act as a platform to promote everything to do with volunteering in Cardiff and help create more awareness of what is available.

Digital Communities Wales

Digital technology will be crucial in the coming months to help people stay connected, find reliable information, shop for necessities and stay healthy. The Digital Communities Wales organization has information and training resources to help people develop their digital skills.

DCW is also organizing digital companions, people who support a friend, neighbour or family member to get online and use technology.

Established Organizations

Volunteering Wales

Third Sector Support Wales is a network of support organisations for the whole of the volunteering sector in Wales. They aim to help more people get involved in volunteering to benefit their community and to help volunteer-involving organisations to recruit and support their volunteers. They have a Coronavirus specific signup page.

Age Cymru

Well established and highly experienced, Age Cymru is an ideal organization to volunteer with to befriend and assist older members of our communities. Their strong emphasis on providing excellent and safe help means it takes a little while to start volunteering, so sign up now!