Additional Resources

A variety of miscellaneous resources that are useful across Cardiff and beyond. Please be advised all contents on this page were supplied by well-meaning volunteers, and we cannot take responsibility for vetting the content, or keeping it up to date. Please always seek professional advice on matters of health, finances, etc – this page is for guidance only.

Guidance for Volunteers and Aid Recipients

Covid-19 Mutual Aid (National) FAQ

Self Isolation Guides and Support

Self isolation and anxiety mental health support from clinical psychologists:

AgeUK “Check in and Chat”

Self isolation advice from a cloistered nun:

Education Resources

Netflix / Homeschool Hideout

Twinkl Free Resource Pack:

Provision for Parents Critical to the Covid-19 Response and Vulnerable Children

Employment Guidance

Welsh Assembly Guidance to Employers and Employees

Sick Notes and Self Certification

Food Distribution

Free School Meals Information

Food Bank Locations:

FareShare Food Redistribution:

Food Cardiff:

Shopping Runs offered by Taxi Firms:

Documents (Calling Cards, Posters, etc):

Printable cards you fill in by hand:

Cards you can edit by copying to your Google or One Drive and print in bulk:

Self Isolation Alert Posters:

Other Resources

Domestic Abuse Support

Foreign Language Translations of NHS Advice