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What is Mutual Aid?

Informal, local groups of individuals are forming across Cardiff and the world as a whole. The idea is to support each other during the changes that the Coronavirus pandemic brings in the coming days, weeks, and potentially months.

These groups seek to connect neighbours with neighbours to run errands, provide contact for the socially isolated, and share updated information from reliable sources.

The pages put volunteers in touch with people in their local community who are in need. Primarily the elderly, vulnerable, and our tireless NHS workers, all of whom may have a hard time with some aspects of day to day life during the crisis.

About this Site

The local neighbourhood groups are the best at providing the hands-on support. This city-wide page is here to point you to your local neighbourhood groups and to provide quick links to handy city, region, or nationwide information and resources.

This webpage is run entirely by volunteers, is not an official service, and does not directly have any way of providing help. Please look to official services, established organizations like AgeUK and the Red Cross, and the individual mutual aid groups if you need help.

Staying Safe – Volunteers and Aid Recipients

The national Mutual Aid effort has spent considerable time putting together some basic guidance to keep volunteers and recipients of aid safe, both from the Coronavirus itself, and those who would take advantage of the situation for their own gain. It also provides guidance on best practice that should help mitigate honest mistakes and misunderstandings.

Request a Change or Addition

If you would like to suggest an edit to the page, provide the details of another neighbourhood group, or make us aware of any other resources folk may find helpful, please reach out to us at:

Email Derek at: MutualAid@derekkozel.com
Email James at: Bear.JamesR@gmail.com